Clearing out some old books

I’m clearing some space on my bookshelves and I’m getting rid of a few books. Rather than throw them out I’m hoping that someone else can get some use from them. If you are interested in any of them send me an email. Books can be collected in Sligo or I can mail them to you (within Ireland). One condition - don’t take a book unless you are genuinely going to read it - unread, hoarded books make me sad and you might have blocked someone else who could have made use of it.

So here’s the list, shout if you want one.

  • Agile Web Development with Rails - Dave Thomas (1st Edition)
  • Agile Web Development with Rails - Dave Thomas (2nd Edition)
  • The Rails Way - Obie Fernandez
  • Rails Recipes - Chad Fowler
  • Advanced Rails Recipes - Mike Clarke
  • Beginning Ruby on Rails E-commerce - Christian Hellsten and Jarkko Laine
  • Rails Cookbook - Rob Orsini
  • Ajax on Rails - Scott Raymond
  • Pro Drupal Development (1st edition) - John K. VanDyk and Matt Westgate
  • Pro Dripal Development (2nd edition) - John K. VanDyk
  • Learning Drupal 6 module development - Matt Bucher
  • Foundations of Ajax - Ryan Asleson and Nathaniel T. Schutta
  • Dhtml Utopia: Modern Web Design using Javascript and Dom - Stuart Langridge
  • Spinning the Semantic Web - Fensel et al.
  • Python programming on Win 32 - Mark Hammond and Andy Robinson
  • Building Scalable Web Sites - Cal Henderson
  • Restful Web Services - Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby

The Rails books cover a mix of Rails 1 and Rails 2. So they are probably not much use to anyone at this stage. They might be useful for skim reading to get an overview of how to do stuff in rails before moving onto learning Rails 3 in detail.

The Drupal books cover Drupal 6. Although the current version of Drupal is 7, v.6 is still a valid deployment option, and you’ll learn enough about the internals of drupal from these books to ease your way into v.7 if you choose to.