The source code of each of these is available from my github page.


A cloure client for the Betfair SOAP API


SimpleICM is a poker tournament equity calculator. You give it the stack sizes of the players left in a poker tournament, along with the payout structure for that tournament and it calculates each players tournament equity according to the Independent Chip Model.

Rails Basic Auth Generator

A basic user authentication generator for rails.

ELIE - An Adaptive Information Extraction System

ELIE is a tool for adaptive information extraction from text. It also provides a number of other text processing tools e.g. POS tagging, chunking, gazetteer, stemming.

BTE: Body Text Extraction

BTE is a python module for automated extraction of body text from web pages. It can also be used to generate short teasers/summaries.

Google Query Server

gqserv - a centralised mechanism for querying google.


Knight is a simple puzzle game for palm devices. The objective of the game is to visit all the squares on a chess board exactly once, moving like a knight.